All Natural Chicken

Our gourmet chicken sausages are made from Halal certified chicken thigh. We don’t put any mystery meat in our sausages. That's why they taste so good.

Delicious Mango Chili Smoked Sausages

With this one-of-a-kind blend of flavors in every bite, you won't find anything else like it around. Bring some Halal deliciousness and add a touch of sweet heat to your meals.

The Finest Gourmet Sausages

We work closely with our team of artisan sausage makers, ensuring our products are crafted with tradition and care. We always choose inspired ingredients. We make sure our poultry is antibiotic free, hormone free and 100% vegeterian fed. There is no MSG, no gluten and no added nitrates or nitrites. We never use fillers. Our carefully selected spices are custom created into blends that enhance every recipe.
Our facility is a certified USDA Organic facility. We are proud that many of our organic ingredients are from local producers and farmers.